Artist Statement

I enjoy writing and editing books, business and personal articles, creative non-fiction, grants and newsletters. I love the process of research, interviewing and editing and helping others communicate in a clear, concise and creative way. I love to tell the story of places and people.

I am a published author of Breath of Wilderness: The Life of Sigurd Olson, a children’s book about wilderness advocate and writer Sigurd Olson. I am passionate about preserving wild places and exposing kids to the outdoors. Sig taught me that writing is a platform to change the world; a way to give voice to my values and passions. This can be serious — like my love for the outdoors or standing up for women’s issues or human rights. But it can also be irreverent and a way to share my humor. Why I hate Snicker doodle cookies … or … coming to terms with being flat chested.

Writing is my passion, but it’s also a platform for my passions like protecting the wilderness. If my writing connects one child to the outdoors it was worth writing. If it inspires kids to stand up for what they believe it was a success. If kids or adults realize the benefits of protecting the outdoors because of my writings or work, I have accomplished what I set out to.