Augsburg College visit

Last week I spoke at Augsburg College about Breath of Wilderness. While Augsburg is my alma mater, much has changed since I graduated. My presentation was held at the Lindell Library, which didn’t exist during my days as a student. What a great space for a book reading. I was also impressed with the helpful staff and students and overall professional assistance in organizing the event. Book events require time, effort and create a certain level of stress, but are well worth it. I love the opportunity to share Sig’s story with others. BreathWildernessAugsburg I’ve learned that every event is different even when I make the same presentation. The audience asks all kinds of questions, focusing on Sig’s professional impact, his personal struggles, the writing process and even my philosophy. I never know what to expect, which, surprisingly, I enjoy. The crowd can vary tremendously and is usually made up of strangers who have an interest in the outdoors or in Sigurd Olson, friends of friends, friends who I may not have seen for a long time or family. At Augsburg, in addition to the above, there were deans, professors and other alumni who I hadn’t met. And, there were professors from my undergrad years who played a key role in my career decisions. Though I never expected it, each of these events allows me to re-connect with friends, family and others who have influenced my life — and for this, I am deeply grateful.

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