Later today we’ll be heading towards Ely, one of my favorite places. I don’t know exactly what it is about charming town that I love so much, but I get excited just anticipating the visit. In Ely I can sense the wilderness close and, maybe, it’s the connection I feel to Sig, traveling the same path. Knowing the history, I imagine the town and the people from earlier times. The air feels clearer and what could be described as serenity seeps in and untangles some of the knots that usually accompany me.

Ely is celebrating its Harvest Moon Festival, which means there will be lots of activities and visitors. On Friday I will sign books at the Listening Point Foundation’s Annual Northwoods Dinner at the Grand Ely Lodge. This year Chuck Wick will be speaking about Sig’s legacy. It’s a fun chance to connect with others who love Sig and his inspiring message and life’s work. Saturday I will be signing books at Piragis. If you’ve never been to Piragis, I highly recommend it. That store has just about anything you need or want — books, clothes, outdoor gear, shoes, etc. I like supporting Ely businesses and usually return home with pie, coffee, granola and a gift or two. The pie at the Chocolate Moose is out of this world. Really, it’s worth the trip just for that pie.

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