Our house

KnutsonhouseThis blurb, taken from the archives, first ran in 1946 and appeared in the Our History section of the Kittson County Enterprise this week. The home the article is referring to is our home in Hallock. Dr. Knutson was my husband’s grandfather. Years later, his daughter (my mother-in-law) and her family (including my husband) moved into the home. And, years after, we live here. Not long ago, the daughter of the Veblen’s visited from California to see where she lived early in her life. She told me stories about hiding under the stairs, playing in the attic and which room was hers.I love that our house has a history. This fall our living room flooded and we had to take down the ceiling and a wall. We uncovered some fun finds.

One says “Robbie Veblen Hallock Minn sat upon a safety pin.”IMG_5660 IMG_5667 IMG_5659